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1.  Join The Black Communities' Reparations Review Boards.

2.  Join The Black African-Black American Economic Trade Coalition Network.

3.  Join The International Blacks Teaching Future Blacks Coalition Network.

4.  Join The Black Family Restoration Coalition Network.

5.  Join The Black Americans For Black Economic Empowerment Coalition Network.

6.  Join The Black African-Black American Economic Stablization Coalition Network.

7.  Join The Black Entertainers For Positive Black Entertainment Network.

8.  Contact A Black Organizations Resource Center In Your Area.

9.  Let Us Know Your Black Community Issues Around The World From (A-Z).

10.  Visit Our Guest Book Page.

11.  Check Out Our (B.H.C. A.B.E.R.I.) Black Community Classes.

12.  Join The Black Youth Business District.

13.  Join The Black Student Coalition Network.

14.  Get Your Black Business Started For The New Year.

15.  Get Your Black Business Or Organization's Grant Proposal Ready For The New Year.

16.  Get Personal Finances Straight For The New Year.

17.  Join The United Nations Of Freed Blacks True Faith Based Ministries.

18.  Join The (B.H.C. A.B.E.R.I.) Black Business Directory Coalition Network.

19.Visit Our (B.H.C. A.B.E.R.I.) Blog.


21.."Black" Communities' Organizations 1.

22.."Black" Communities' Organizations 2.

23. Books - (Book Club).


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