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Black Community Issues Around The World From (A-Z).

Atlanta, Georgia - USA
Liberty Mutual Insurance Lawsuit Update:


Atlanta, Georgia - USA
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Black Panther Poems.

Black Information Of The Day: 



This is a story about a little Black boy named Theo, who woke up one morning and asked God, “What if there were no Black people in the world?”


Well God thought for a moment and then said, “Son, follow me around today and let’s just see what it would be like if there were no Black people in the world. Get dressed and we will get started.”


Theo ran to his room to put on his clothes and shoes. But there were no shoes, and his clothes were all wrinkled. He looked for the iron, but when he reached for the ironing board, it was no longer there. You see Sara Boone, a Black Woman, invented the ironing board and Jan E. Matzelinger, a Black Man, invented the shoe lasting machine.


“Oh well, God said, go and do your hair.”


Theo ran in his room to comb his hair, but the comb was not there. You see, Walter Sammons, a Black Man, invented the comb. Theo decided to just brush his hair, but the brush was gone. Lydia O. Newman, a Black female invented the hair brush.


Well, Theo was a sight, no shoes, wrinkled clothes, hair a mess without the hair care inventions of Madame C.J. Walker, a Black Woman, you get the picture.


God told Theo, “Let’s do the chores around the house and then take a trip to the grocery store.”


Theo’s job was to sweep the floor. He swept and swept and swept.When he reached for the dustpan, it was not there. You see, Lloyd P. Ray, a Black Man, invented the dustpan. So Theo swept his pile of dirt over in the corner and left it there. Theo then decided to mop the floor, but the mop was gone. Thomas W. Stewart, a Black Man, invented the mop.


Theo thought to himself, “I’m not having any luck.”


“Well son, God said, “We should wash the clothes and prepare a list for the grocery store.”


When the clothes finished washing, Theo went to place the clothes in the dryer, but it was not there. See, George T. Samon, a Black Man, invented the clothes dryer.


Theo got a pencil and some paper to prepare the list for the market, but Theo noticed that the pencil lead was broken, well Theo was out of luck because John Love, a Black Man, invented the pencil sharpener. Theo reached for a pen, but it was not there either because William Purvis, a Black Man, invented the fountain pen.


As a matter of fact, Lee Burridge, a Black Man, invented the type writing machine, and W.A. Lavette, a Black Man, invented the printing press.      So God and Theo decided to head out to the market.


Well, when Theo opened the front door, Theo noticed that the grass was as high as Theo was tall. You see, John Burr, a Black Man, invented the lawn mower. God and Theo made their way over to the car and found the car just wouldn’t go. You see, Robert Spikes, a Black Man, invented the automatic gear shift and Joseph Grammel, a Black Man, invented the supercharge system for internal combustion engines.


God and Theo noticed that the few cars that were moving were running into each other and having wrecks because there were no traffic signals. You see, Garrett A. Morgan, a Black Man, invented the traffic signal which became the traffic lights.


Well, it was getting late, so God and Theo decided to walk to the market, got their groceries and return back to Theo’s house.


Just when Theo was about to put away the milk, eggs and butter, Theo noticed that the refrigerator was gone. You see, John Standard, a Black Man, invented the refrigerator. So Theo put the food on the counter.


By this time, Theo noticed that it was getting mighty cold.


Theo went to turn up the heater and what do you know?, Alvie Parker, a Black female, invented the heating furnace. Even in the summer time Theo would have been out of luck because Fredrick Jones, a Black Man, invented the air conditioner.


It was almost time for Theo’s father to arrive home. Theo’s father usually took the bus, but there was no bus because before it was called and made into a bus, it was called the electric trolley which was invented by, you guessed it, another Black Man, Elbert T. Robinson. Theo’s father usually took the elevator from his office on the 20th floor, but there was no elevator because Alexander Miles, a Black Man, invented the elevator. Theo’s father usually dropped off the office mail at the nearby mailbox, but the mailbox was no longer there because Phillip Downing, a Black Man, invented the letter drop mailbox and William Barry, a Black Man, invented the postmarking and canceling machine.


Theo sat at the kitchen table with his head in his hands. When his father finally arrived, Theo’s father asked Theo, “Why are you sitting in the dark?” The reason that Theo was sitting in the dark was because Lewis Howard Latimer, a Black Man, invented the light bulb filament.


Theo had quickly learned what it would be like if there were no Black people in the world.


Not to mention if Theo were to ever get sick and need blood. Charles Drew, a Black Man and Black Scientist, invented a way to preserve and store blood, which led to his starting the world’s first blood bank.


And what if one of Theo’s family members had to have surgery? It would not even be possible were it not for Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, a Black Man and Black Doctor, who performed the first open heart surgery.


So if you ever wonder, like Theo, what the world be like without Black people? Well, it’s pretty plain to see, the world could very well still be in the dark!!!! 

  • no shoe lasting machines and no tennis shoes, - a Black Man - (Jan E. Matzelinger)
  • no ironing boards, - a Black Woman - (Sara Boone)                            
  • no combs, - a Black Man - (Walter Sammons)
  • no hair brushes, - a Black Female - (Lydia O. Newman) 
  • no hair care products, - a Black Woman - (Madame C.J. Walker)
  • no dustpans, - a Black Man - (Lloyd P. Ray)
  • no mops, - a Black Man - (Thomas W. Stewart)
  • no clothes dryers, - a Black Man - (George T. Samon)
  • no pencil sharpeners, - a Black Man - (John Love)
  • no fountain pens, - a Black Man - (William Purvis)
  • no type writing machines, - a Black Man-  (Lee Burridge)
  • no printing presses, - a Black Man - (W.A. Lavette)
  • no lawn mowers, - a Black Man - (John Burr)
  • no automatic gear shifts, - a Black Man - (Robert Spikes)
  • no supercharge systems for internal combustion engines, - a Black Man - (Joseph Grammel)
  • no traffic signals, - a Black Man - (Garrett A. Morgan)
  • no refrigerators, - a Black Man -  (John Standard)
  • no heating furnaces, - a Black Female - (Alvie Parker)
  • no air conditioners, - a Black Man - (Fredrick Jones)
  • no electric trolley cars and no buses, - a Black Man - (Elbert T. Robinson)
  • no elevators, - a Black Man - (Alexander Miles)
  • no letter drop mailboxes on the corners, - a Black Man - (Phillip Downing)
  • no postmarking and postage canceling machines, - a Black Man - (William Barry)
  • no filaments to light-up, light bulbs, - a Black Man - (Lewis Howard Latimer)
  • no blood banks or blood transfusions, - a Black Man and Black Scientist - (Charles Drew)
  • no open-heart surgeries, - a Black Man and Black Doctor - (Dr. Daniel Hale Williams)

  • and…

  • no Black parents to have a little Black boy named Theo,

  • and…


  • (Name 3 inventions on the list that you would have a hard time living without.)