How Does Democrat & Republican Politics Affect Black Business Financial Organizations? (6)
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How can your Black business get more financially organized?


Black business owners should think of themselves as the brains of their business. They should, however, think of an accountant as the heart of their business & an attorney as the lungs of their business. The reason so many Black businesses remain on virtual life support is because they do not invest their resources into these two areas. Black business owners must understand that making money is a full-time job, growing & protecting your money are also full-time jobs.

This is why large companies invest a large amount of their resources in their accounting department & their legal department.


Many Black business owners feel that they cannot afford to have an accountant & an attorney. The truth is, they cannot afford not to have an accountant & an attorney. An accountant helps you keep track of your business. An attorney helps you protect your business.

Your accountant (the heart) & your attorney (the lungs) help keep your business functioning properly.


Some accountants charge a flat fee each day for their services. This can be difficult for small businesses. If your accounting fees are fifty dollars a day, then it might be difficult on the days where you have slow sales or a lot of bills. Most accountants charge a precentage of sells, usually ten percent. This means that if you only make one hundred dollars then you only pay ten dollars. If you make five hundred dollars then you would pay fifty dollars.

Some attorneys charge by the hour which can be hard on days that you don't make much. Most charge ten percent just as accountants. Whichever method a Black business owner chooses, they must have a heart & lungs to function properly.

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